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Help your student get the most out of NCEA. LearnCoach has tutorial videos to show students (and parents) exactly what to do.

Free tutorial videos on 'How to navigate NCEA

What does LearnCoach do?

Support Learning
Video tutorials guide students through every subject.
Boost Grades
1000+ example videos and practice questions.
Earn more credits
Students earn real NCEA credits online, with Flipped.

Why 1000’s of students use LearnCoach:

Videos are 5x more engaging than text.

Students retain 75% of a video’s information, compared to 10% when reading.

85% of students prefer online study options.

How does NCEA work?

Students need to get 80 points (called “credits”) each year to pass. They can get these credits from any test, in any subject.

Every test gives credits (points). When students earn 80 credits, they pass NCEA.
Each test gives 4 credits (average). Bigger tests = more credits.
Every credit has a grade: Excellence, Merit, or Achieved (same as A, B, or C grades)

Free tutorial videos on 'How to navigate NCEA'

Our Story

LearnCoach Team Picture

In 2012, David Cameron (not the one responsible for Brexit), had a vision: to make learning clear and simple for everyone. As a secondary school teacher, Dave saw many of his own students struggling.

After receiving a poem, “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Dear Mr Cameron, I don’t know what to do,” LearnCoach was born. Starting with some simple Maths videos for Dave’s classes, it grew to from 30 students to 3,000+ students in the first six weeks. Since then, LearnCoach has grown to provide over 150,000 students with free tutorial support every year (that’s 80% of the entire NCEA population).