91522 Physics 3.2: Selected Context - 3 credits

Only a little simpler than being a female jumping spider and balancing a raindrop on your head

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General Instructions

This achievement standard is where the theory of physics gets applied to something in the real world. You will be given three real-world examples of physics in action. You will need to pick one example, write a report on the physics concepts, and how they apply to the example you've chosen.

Unlike a ‘traditional’ exam, you won’t be sitting a test at the end of your learning. Instead, you will be able to work on a report over a period of time. It’s the digital equivalent of an internal that you might do at school over 2-4 weeks; some is done in class and some is done at home. In the end, you submit the report you've created.

This assessment is based on on the NZQA 91522 achievement standard (version 2) document.


Before taking Physics 3.2, LearnCoach recommends you should have passed some Level 2 physics internals or externals. If you have not done this, some of the concepts in the internal may be unfamiliar to you and you may find it a challenge. 

Technology requirements:

You must use the Google Chrome browser. Free download here.
A desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone.