91492 Media Studies 3.3: Media Representation - 3 Credits

Demonstrate understanding of the media representation of an aspect of New Zealand culture or society

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General Instructions

Media texts have the power to shape an audience’s understanding of groups of people. It’s important that we analyze representations of aspects like gender, race, and class, to understand how they impact people in the real world.

In this internal, you will analyze representations in a media text (which could be a film, TV show, articles, video game etc.). You will also evaluate the potential long-term, wider significance of the representation for New Zealand society. 

To complete this achievement standard, you need to:
(1) Select a group of people, find examples of how they are represented, and research public reaction

(2) Analyse these representations and evaluate their long-term impacts

(3) Write your essay, submit it and earn your NCEA credits.

This assessment is based on the NZQA 91492 achievement standard (version 2) document.


Before taking Media Studies 3.3, LearnCoach recommends you should have passed some Level 2 media studies or english internals or externals. If you have not done this, some of the concepts in the internal may be unfamiliar to you and you may find it a challenge. 

Technology requirements:

You must use the Google Chrome browser. Free download here.
A desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone.