91401 Economics 3.3: Micro-Economic Concepts - 5 credits (Version 2)

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This achievement standard looks at five micro-economic concepts (ideas). You will choose two of these ideas to write about in your internal assessment. There are three parts to this standard. Part 1 is choosing a real-world topic (and learning about it), Part 2 is choosing two microeconomic concepts (and learning about them), and Part 3 is discussing how your two microeconomic concepts relate to your real-world topic in a written report. 

Unlike a ‘traditional’ exam, you won’t be sitting a test at the end of your learning. Instead, you will be able to work on the report over a period of time. It’s the digital equivalent of an internal that you might do at school over 2-4 weeks; some is done in class and some is done at home. In the end, you submit the report you've created.

Technology requirements:

You must use the Google Chrome browser. Free download here.
A desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone.