91260 Maths 2.5: Networks - 2 credits

Almost definitely as exciting as surfing with dolphins next to Nugget Point Lighthouse

In this gold nugget (Point Lighthouse) of an achievement standard, you will be given a network. Networks are groups of interconnected things. For example, a group of towns connected by roads or a group of computers connected with wires. (Mildly fun fact: the word ‘internet’ comes from the words ‘interconnected network’.)

For your exam, you will need to answer three types of questions related to a network:

(1) How do you find the shortest path between two points?
(2) What is the longest and/or shortest way to connect every point together?
(3) Is it possible to go to every point and travel every path, without travelling down the same path twice?

Technology requirements:

You must use the Google Chrome browser. Free download here.
A desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone.