91260 Maths 2.5: Networks - 2 credits

Almost definitely as exciting as surfing with dolphins next to Nugget Point Lighthouse

General Instructions

In this gold nugget (Point Lighthouse) of an achievement standard, you will be given a network. Networks are groups of interconnected things. For example, a group of towns connected by roads or a group of computers connected with wires. (Mildly fun fact: the word ‘internet’ comes from the words ‘interconnected network’.)

For your exam, you will need to answer three types of questions related to a network:

(1) How do you find the shortest path between two points?
(2) What is the longest and/or shortest way to connect every point together?
(3) Is it possible to go to every point and travel every path, without travelling down the same path twice?

This assessment is based on on the NZQA 91260 achievement standard (version 3) document.


Before taking Mathematics 2.5, LearnCoach recommends you should have passed some Level 1 mathematics internals or externals. If you have not done this, some of the concepts in the internal may be unfamiliar to you and you may find it a challenge. 

If you've sat a similar standard in the past that has now expired, you cannot get the same credits a second time. Check the 'Exclusions List' to see recently updated standards.

Technology requirements:

You must use the Google Chrome browser. Free download here.
A desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone.