91105 English 2.8: Information Literacy - 4 credits

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This achievement standard comprises of a three-part project on an opinion-based article. Part 1 is reading (or watching) an opinion-based piece of news, Part 2 reading other articles on the issue (e.g. what are the other opinions), and Part 3 is reviewing the original opinion to see whether you still think it is interesting or relevant. This counts towards literacy credits (and academic credits).

Unlike a ‘traditional’ exam, you won’t be sitting a test at the end of your learning. Instead, you will be able to work on the report over a period of time. It’s the digital equivalent of a research internal that you might do at school over 2-4 weeks; some is done in class and some is done at home. In the end, you submit the work you've created.

Technology requirements:

You must use the Google Chrome browser. Free download here.
A desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone.