91029 Maths 1.1: Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems – 4 credits

Can you think of a single numeric reason not to visit Tasman Lake?

It’s likely that the meaning of life is not applying numeric reasoning to solving problems, but just in case it is, might as well give this internal everything you’ve got. In this Numeric Reasoning internal you will be using decimals, percentages and fractions in a real-life setting. This means you will have to do numerical calculations and describe how this relates to real life. For example, you might look at how many people will go to a concert and what percentage of them might buy merchandise. You will look at three types of questions:

(1) Multiplication and addition of decimals, percentages and fractions
(2) Solving multi-step problems
(3) Real life events that could change the numbers

Technology requirements:

You must use the Google Chrome browser. Free download here.
A desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone.