Burning desire to master Health Sci?

Weekly tutorials and cram courses that make Health Sci simple (ish).

The best Health Sci teaching for Otago University in one place.
Watch weekly tutorials to keep on top of Health Sci study. Then before a test or exam, use the cram courses to maximise your learning. All courses are made by medical students with A+ averages, who are employed as Health Sci tutors by the University of Otago. Get their best teaching every week.

Maximise your study. Every Health Sci paper is covered in 4-6 hours of short (15-20 min) video tutorials. They cover important explanations, what you need to know, and how to approach your study.
Semester 2 covers the following papers:

HUBS 192

minutes of tutorials

BIOC 192

minutes of tutorials

PUBH 192

minutes of tutorials