Our Story

When online learning met NCEA credits...

In 2016, Piet (pronounced ‘Pete’ – he’s Dutch) was happy that his thousands of students, from The Learning Place, had earned NCEA credits. However, Piet was unhappy that none of his students could do their NCEA Achievement Standards online.

That same year, Dave (pronounced ‘Dave’ – he’s kiwi) was also happy that his thousands of students were learning online with LearnCoach. However, while these students had done their NCEA learning, none of them could earn any NCEA credits for their work… Even Dave knows that ‘studying for fun’ has its limits.

A partnership was born. Now, thousands of students across New Zealand can learn online (through the LearnCoach platform) AND earn real NCEA credits for their work (through the Learning Place).

Why We Started Flipped

Student access

More student access

We wanted every student to have the opportunity to learn from anywhere at anytime. It should be as simple as logging in and acing the test.

Time to learn

More time to learn

Students should learn at a pace that suits them. Our goal was to take away time-pressure so all students can unlock their potential.

Have a second chance

More second chances

We wanted to remove the barriers to success. If you’re prepared to do the work, you deserve a second chance to earn the credits you’re aiming for.

LearnCoach Logo

LearnCoach makes NCEA study simple and easy to understand. In 2012, the first LearnCoach Maths videos were used by 150 students. Now, LearnCoach's video tutorials are used by 150,000 students every year - making it LearnCoach one of the most popular tutorial sites in the country. LearnCoach is constantly on the lookout for ways to help students reach their full potential.

The Learning Place Logo

The Learning Place Ltd. is a NZQA registered and accredited private training establishment. We bring a wealth of experience in delivering quality and accessible education. Members of the team have been working in education for over ten years and in that time, have seen education evolving to meet the needs of its current students and their learning environments.