1. Pick an Internal

Check out our list of NCEA internal assessments and pick any you like. You can choose any subject from any year level. It doesn’t matter if you’re enrolled in that subject or even enrolled in school, all internals are available to everyone. Can’t choose which assessment? It doesn’t matter, you can try as many as you like, at the same time.

2. Start Learning Online

As soon as you’ve subscribed, you can begin the learning for any internal assessment by watching video tutorials. All teaching will be provided (on video), including helpful examples. You don’t need to wait for your teacher or tutor before you can begin.

3. Work on Your Assessment

As soon as you’ve completed the learning (step 2), you can begin a real NCEA internal assessment task. Tasks will be provided and, in some cases, you can choose your own task. Tasks could be reports, presentations, projects, portfolios, performances or traditional tests. These tasks are the work that is submitted for marking and can eventually earn you sweet sweet credits.

4. Submit your Internal

No school required, just submit online. Once you’ve completed your assessment task, you submit your work online and it will be sent to The Learning Place. The Learning Place is a registered provider with NZQA and issues NCEA credits to thousands of NCEA students every year.

5. Earn NCEA Credits

The Learning Place will mark, moderate and submit your results to NZQA, which usually takes 2-3 weeks (although, no promises). Any credits you earn will appear online in your NZQA Record of Learning (next to your school results). This means that NCEA credit earned on the Flipped programme can count towards overall endorsements, rank score, and university entrance (note: these do not count towards subject endorsements).

6. Say Goodbye to Due Dates

We want to remove all barriers to success. If you’re prepared to do the work, we want to give you the rewards. This means that you can do work whenever you want. You can increase grades from last year (think endorsements or university entrance) and you can even get a head start on the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All credits will be issued by The Learning Place. The Learning Place is a private training establishment (PTE) registered with NZQA. This means that after students have learnt material on LearnCoach, they can submit internal assessments to The Learning Place and earn real NCEA credits. Because The Learning Place is not a publically funded school, they can issue credits totally independently of your school.

The Learning Place brings a wealth of experience in delivering quality and accessible education. The Learning Place is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its current students. So why online?

(1) For many online is the preferred way of learning (Google, YouTube, Wikipedia etc.). (2) This increases access to education for all students, whether they have just left school, left ten years ago, or are currently in school. (3) By putting NCEA achievement standards online, people can take their time to learn the material in a way that suits their learning style. (4) For those that have not achieved their hopes in school, this is a second chance.

The Learning Place Ltd partnered with LearnCoach, who have extensive experience in developing and delivering NCEA-aligned material online for thousands of New Zealand secondary school students.

Yes. These are identical to credits you would receive from your school. They are added to your NZQA Record of Learning and will contribute to all qualifications and endorsements.
Yes. You can increase the grades of an assessment you have previously taken at school. Alternatively, you can purchase an internal assessment again and re-take an assessment on this website. Note: we will never lower your grade if you take an assessment.
It does not matter what internal assessments your school is (or is not) running. This is completed independent of your school. If your school is running the assessment, this is a chance to increase your grade or get ahead. If your school is not running the internal, this is a chance to gain additional credits that you wouldn’t normally have.
Yes. You can re-purchase any internal and try a second time to increase your grades.
No. This is run independently of your school.
Students must be under exam conditions when taking an NCEA assessment. A virtual supervisor monitors every test on offer. In addition, we use more than a dozen techniques and technologies to track student behaviour. This includes video and audio tracking, facial recognition and screen monitoring.