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A virtual exam supervisor monitors your assessment


A trained examiner grades your NCEA assessment


An approved moderator reviews your test and the grading

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Yes. These are identical to credits you would receive from your school. They are added to your NZQA Record of Learning and will contribute to all qualifications and endorsements.
Yes. You can increase the grades of an assessment you have previously taken at school. Alternatively, you can purchase an internal assessment again and re-take an assessment on this website. Note: we will never lower your grade if you take an assessment.
It does not matter what internal assessments your school is (or is not) running. This is completed independent of your school. If your school is running the assessment, this is a chance to increase your grade or get ahead. If your school is not running the internal, this is a chance to gain additional credits that you wouldn’t normally have.
Yes. You can re-purchase any internal and try a second time to increase your grades.
No. This is run independently of your school.
Students must be under exam conditions when taking an NCEA assessment. A virtual supervisor monitors every test on offer. In addition, we use more than a dozen techniques and technologies to track student behaviour. This includes video and audio tracking, facial recognition and screen monitoring.

All assessments, grading and moderation are carried out by The Learning Place Limited. The Learning Place Limited is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Registered Private Training Establishment under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments. Head Office: 33 Princes Street, Dunedin. Phone: 03 477 7770.