91266 Maths 2.11: Evaluating a Statistically-Based Report - 2 credits

Fox Glacier is beautiful. Statistical Reports are beautiful on the inside.

In the ‘Evaluating Statistically-Based Reports’ internal, you will read a report, that has statistics, and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and real-world applications. Finally, you will write your own report that discusses what you found.

For example, you might read a report on the amount of sport that young New Zealanders play. For your exam, you will need to answer three types of questions related to this scenario:

(1) What was in the report? (The purpose, a summary, and what was found)
(2) How good was the statistics behind the report?
(3) How effective was the report?

Skills you'll learn:

Technology requirements:

You must use the Google Chrome browser. Free download here.
A desktop or laptop with a working camera and microphone.